I love driving.

My mom and dad’s love of cars has definitely rubbed off on me! Yesterday dad gave me my very own steering wheel!

Well, OK, it’s just a cover for a steering wheel, but it’s the closest I’m gonna get to putting my teeth on the real thing. Dad needed a new cover for the steering wheel on the Jeep, so I got the old one!

It was lots of fun. I can chase it, I can bend it, I can even step through it!


Wordless Wednesday

Six Words… and then a few more.

In honor of Lassie, a faithful companion to a very wise dog trainer…

My mom’s six words about me.

For Bentley: small body, big attitude. now family.

I don’t even want to think about when I have to leave my mom and home… I can see it in her eyes that she’s sad to even leave me for a little bit, so I show her how happy I am when she comes home by wagging my tail a lot and doing my circle dance. She had to work a lot this week and even showed me a picture of a car that has the same name as me! She got to see it at her work.

This meant that I got to spend a lot of time with my Josh. He likes to spoil me when mom’s not around, but then eventually gives in and tells her about it. I like when he feeds me new foods. So far I have gotten to try crab legs, wasabi and popcorn. I like them all, but crab legs are my new favorites! They are just so yummy!

Mom’s hoping to have some newer pictures of me soon, now that she should be home more. I’m glad her work is over for this year. She needs to keep working on my big day… I mean, their big day! (But I’ll be all dressed up in my new tie, so I’m sure that I’ll steal the show!)

*Almost* Wordless Wednesday

Ignore my mom’s glasses, messy hair and pajamas… instead, can you find me?

Yet another haircut

It seems like I’m always getting hair cuts! I go see my friend Andrea every 6 weeks for a trim. I have to keep up this Scottish figure!

Normally I manage to get myself into some sort of trouble and end up in a crate by myself before Mom comes to pick me up, but this time I was an angel! Andrea said she wasn’t even sure I was the same dog! Mom has really been mean lately and makes me listen to her. Apparently though, it’s working and I am nicer to other people and dogs. *Sigh* It’s not easy being a good boy all of the time, but I get more treats this way!

Here’s┬ásome pictures of me, looking handsome as usual after my hair cut.

I’m an animal!

This morning I got a taste of what it’s like to be wild – mom gave me a chicken for breakfast! Ok, not a whole chicken. A whole chicken would be like 1/2 my body weight! But it was a chicken with bones and everything. And then there was this slimy thing that I kept spitting out.

The chicken was really crunchy and I liked it. The noise startled me at first, but that chicken was too good to pass up for a little noise. The only thing I didn’t really like was mom wiping my beard off after I ate, and even that wasn’t too bad.

I hope that everyone had a good Christmas! I got to travel a lot and got lots of good presents from everyone. Aunt Em got me a really cool ball that I love. But there won’t be any pictures because Mom forgot the camera at her parent’s house. We’ll get it this weekend and post lots of good pictures!

I also got to meet a baby for the first time! She was very squirmy and made all sorts of little sounds. She smelled funny too. And mom kept holding her instead of me. So I just played with dad instead. I got to sleep in my bed again instead of the crate. I love that. Maybe mom will start letting me sleep next to her at home!

Moving up

So, last post, I told you all that my dad was working on a project. A project for me! My mom got me this great chair that we can sit in to cuddle, but my legs are too short to get up there by myself. So dad built me a ramp!

It’s still a little scary for me, but mom and dad have both been working with me and bribing me with treats! It still needs to be carpeted, but dad says he’s working on that.

I love cuddling with mom in this comfy chair, but I think she wants me to go curl up in it without her sometimes. She’ll bribe me up the ramp and then won’t join me! So of course, then I have to jump down and go lay on my bed next to her. Doesn’t she know that’s where I want to be?

Early Christmas Present

My dad is really impatient when it comes to waiting for gifts, even mine! So he talked mom into giving me one of my presents early. It’s called a soccer ball and it is the best thing ever!

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it’s hard to stay still and chase it!

I like to chase it all over the house and I can even pick it up in my mouth by holding onto the plastic, which I then tear off and leave in little pieces everywhere. I haven’t eaten any of it so far, and mom watches me very closely to make sure that I don’t. I heard her say that once this ball is destroyed, she’s getting me something called a basketball so that I can’t tear it apart. I wonder if I will like that too.

In that last picture my dad is working on something that you can’t see… but I’ll save that for another post!

Has anyone else already got presents this year?