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Check out “Fun Stuff That I Like”

My mom finally got around to updating that page!


I am super dog.

A week ago mom and dad had a beautiful sunny day off. In our house, that means time to break out the jet skis. Mom didn’t want to leave me at home, so she packed up my life vest and loaded me in the car. I love going to the boat launch because usually it means going for a nice long walk. Not this time.

Mom put on my life vest and passed me off to dad, who was sitting on the jet ski. Then off we went! Once mom got on I wanted to sit on the back with her, but then my face was right in dad’s back and that wasn’t comfortable for anyone. So I turned to the side, and got smacked in the face with a wave. I tried to escape the wave by climbing up mom. Apparently that wasn’t the right thing to do. We eventually turned around and got back to the car. I’m not sure I want to try jet skiing again anytime soon, but rumor has it that Sunday we’re getting the boat out. That is more my speed!



Meanwhile, over at the ranch…

Yes, yes, I know it has been an unforgivable amount of time since I last posted. My last post was about my parents’ wedding and they are coming up on their second wedding anniversary. To be honest, mom got burnt out on blogging. And while I’m extremely talented, I needed her help to type. But I’m back and better than ever. I have a new house with a new yard and lots of pictures to share with you.

I’ll do you all a favor and space the pictures out a bit, since I wouldn’t want anyone to die of too much cuteness.

Bentley likes his new West Paw Design bed

This is my new bed. It is perfect for curling up into a ball and laying my head on the nice bumper. Plus, it’s very eco-friendly. The fill was made from recycled plastic bottles. I’m told this is a good thing. All I know is that it is so comfortable, I usually prefer to cuddle up there, instead of on the couch with mom.


Well… my mom and dad are finally married! It was a fun weekend. Lots of people paid attention to me and I got to wear my dashing bow tie. Mom is still waiting for the professional pictures, but Dad’s step dad took lots of pictures too.

In that last one, just ignore my mom crying as dad read his vows… look at how good I’m being!

Since the wedding I’ve gotten to go on some other adventures too, including hanging out at the river and doing a little swimming! Mom will download those pictures eventually she says!

Bentley, The Graduate

Last night after 8 long weeks of what mom called class and what I called torture, I graduated from obedience class!

I learned all sorts of neat stuff, but mostly just reinforced what I already knew – I’m awesome! We did the touch game, sit, down, circle, spin, come and a few other things that I already knew. But I have learned to walk on a loose leash. Well, at least, I’m getting better at it.

And mom found a way to help me learn to stay calm around other dogs! I kinda hate it, but I’m learning that when she steps on my leash and makes it really short, I should lay down and relax and she won’t let the other dogs bother me. It’s going to be a long journey, because I only like certain dogs. But I know that I should try really hard for mom. (Even if she has been a slacker about updating my blog – she says that work and the wedding are keeping her busy, but we all know that I’m more important than those things!)

Here’s a picture of my diploma and of me, Bentley!

There’s even a spot on my diploma that says I had perfect attendance. Well, mom and dad had perfect attendance too, but only because I made them go!

Even though I won’t be going back to classes for a while, mom told me that doesn’t mean we can stop working on the things we were learning. She hopes that if we can keep working on my manners around other dogs, we can take another class together.

Ready for my close up

Apparently mom loves having pictures taken of me. Dad’s step-dad has a fancy new camera, and a new hobby.

That’s me on the car ride over. Friday, I went to see my friend Andrea for a haircut, and then it rained all weekend. Mom did her best to keep me looking sharp and not smelling funny.

On our way, we went to this thing with a screen and a box that talked. Dad said a bunch of things, we moved the car a little and this lady in a window handed him a bag of food! There was even something in there for me! It was called a McDonald’s hamburger mom said and she gave it to me without a bun. She wanted to get a picture of me eating it, but I was too quick for her!

This is a picture of my doggie cousin Cyrus that Dad’s step-dad took too on another day. Cyrus is still a crazy boy most of the time, but he was really good for his pictures too!

We have three winners!

My mom used to help me pick the numbers since I’m not very good with numbers yet.

Comments, 2, 5 and 6 are our winners! Laura, Boots and Dixie will be getting emails very soon so that mom and I can get these in the mail. Mom said that I can even ride along to the post office when we take them. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

I hope everyone is having a good Monday!

My first blog giveaway!

Mom made a bunch of fleece tugs to donate to the SPCA that she adopted me from with scraps of fleece.

I have one that I love very much and we sent one to my doggie cousin, Tucker! He likes playing with his too!

Since mom made so many (nearly 20!) she thought maybe some of my doggie friends on the internet would like one too! So leave me a comment and on March 1 at noon, I’ll pick three random numbers! Then I’ll send an email to the winners and send their tugs in the mail. (I love getting mail! It’s usually treats!)

My new coat and new sleeping arrangements

I hate when mom get’s crafty. It means I have to wear stuff usually. And not that I don’t like wearing stuff, except that dad thinks I look girly and then I have to show him that I’m tough! But it’s hard to look tough when I’m wearing this:

It’s too nice and brightly colored! I have already managed to get the belly strap dirty. Luckily mom put Scotch Guard on the whole thing, so she hopes she can get it clean.

Last night dad didn’t feel well, so mom and I cuddled on the couch (shhh!) and watched some TV. When it was finally time for bed, she got out my big pen and set it up around my garage. She put my TV watching bed in there, and then put me in there. I went to my garage like normal but she didn’t close the door! She checked on me a couple of times last night, but I was always in my garage, sleeping. But this morning when she came down, I was running around my big pen, ready to greet her!

I didn’t make any messes or anything, and I wasn’t even wearing my belly band! Mom said that because I was good, I can sleep like that again tonight. Maybe if I’m really good, dad will start letting me sleep upstairs. Then it’s only a few short months before I can take over the big bed….