I am super dog.

A week ago mom and dad had a beautiful sunny day off. In our house, that means time to break out the jet skis. Mom didn’t want to leave me at home, so she packed up my life vest and loaded me in the car. I love going to the boat launch because usually it means going for a nice long walk. Not this time.

Mom put on my life vest and passed me off to dad, who was sitting on the jet ski. Then off we went! Once mom got on I wanted to sit on the back with her, but then my face was right in dad’s back and that wasn’t comfortable for anyone. So I turned to the side, and got smacked in the face with a wave. I tried to escape the wave by climbing up mom. Apparently that wasn’t the right thing to do. We eventually turned around and got back to the car. I’m not sure I want to try jet skiing again anytime soon, but rumor has it that Sunday we’re getting the boat out. That is more my speed!




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