Bentley, The Graduate

Last night after 8 long weeks of what mom called class and what I called torture, I graduated from obedience class!

I learned all sorts of neat stuff, but mostly just reinforced what I already knew – I’m awesome! We did the touch game, sit, down, circle, spin, come and a few other things that I already knew. But I have learned to walk on a loose leash. Well, at least, I’m getting better at it.

And mom found a way to help me learn to stay calm around other dogs! I kinda hate it, but I’m learning that when she steps on my leash and makes it really short, I should lay down and relax and she won’t let the other dogs bother me. It’s going to be a long journey, because I only like certain dogs. But I know that I should try really hard for mom. (Even if she has been a slacker about updating my blog – she says that work and the wedding are keeping her busy, but we all know that I’m more important than those things!)

Here’s a picture of my diploma and of me, Bentley!

There’s even a spot on my diploma that says I had perfect attendance. Well, mom and dad had perfect attendance too, but only because I made them go!

Even though I won’t be going back to classes for a while, mom told me that doesn’t mean we can stop working on the things we were learning. She hopes that if we can keep working on my manners around other dogs, we can take another class together.


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