Ready for my close up

Apparently mom loves having pictures taken of me. Dad’s step-dad has a fancy new camera, and a new hobby.

That’s me on the car ride over. Friday, I went to see my friend Andrea for a haircut, and then it rained all weekend. Mom did her best to keep me looking sharp and not smelling funny.

On our way, we went to this thing with a screen and a box that talked. Dad said a bunch of things, we moved the car a little and this lady in a window handed him a bag of food! There was even something in there for me! It was called a McDonald’s hamburger mom said and she gave it to me without a bun. She wanted to get a picture of me eating it, but I was too quick for her!

This is a picture of my doggie cousin Cyrus that Dad’s step-dad took too on another day. Cyrus is still a crazy boy most of the time, but he was really good for his pictures too!


One thought on “Ready for my close up

  1. Those are some great pictures Bentley! I haven’t had one of those burger things yet…I’ll have to get mom to do that soon!

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