My new coat and new sleeping arrangements

I hate when mom get’s crafty. It means I have to wear stuff usually. And not that I don’t like wearing stuff, except that dad thinks I look girly and then I have to show him that I’m tough! But it’s hard to look tough when I’m wearing this:

It’s too nice and brightly colored! I have already managed to get the belly strap dirty. Luckily mom put Scotch Guard on the whole thing, so she hopes she can get it clean.

Last night dad didn’t feel well, so mom and I cuddled on the couch (shhh!) and watched some TV. When it was finally time for bed, she got out my big pen and set it up around my garage. She put my TV watching bed in there, and then put me in there. I went to my garage like normal but she didn’t close the door! She checked on me a couple of times last night, but I was always in my garage, sleeping. But this morning when she came down, I was running around my big pen, ready to greet her!

I didn’t make any messes or anything, and I wasn’t even wearing my belly band! Mom said that because I was good, I can sleep like that again tonight. Maybe if I’m really good, dad will start letting me sleep upstairs. Then it’s only a few short months before I can take over the big bed….


2 thoughts on “My new coat and new sleeping arrangements

  1. Bentley, your cost is handsome tell you dad you look very regal in it. Scotch gaurd…that’s funny, because your a scottie!! Hope you get to graduate to the big bed soon… ;o)

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