Early Christmas Present

My dad is really impatient when it comes to waiting for gifts, even mine! So he talked mom into giving me one of my presents early. It’s called a soccer ball and it is the best thing ever!

Sorry for the blurry pictures, it’s hard to stay still and chase it!

I like to chase it all over the house and I can even pick it up in my mouth by holding onto the plastic, which I then tear off and leave in little pieces everywhere. I haven’t eaten any of it so far, and mom watches me very closely to make sure that I don’t. I heard her say that once this ball is destroyed, she’s getting me something called a basketball so that I can’t tear it apart. I wonder if I will like that too.

In that last picture my dad is working on something that you can’t see… but I’ll save that for another post!

Has anyone else already got presents this year?


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