Busy Weekend and a Big WIN!

Last week was so busy for me! There is this big holiday that revolves around food! I got to go to my Leah’s house and spend the whole Thanksgiving day there! Leah had some guests, including two miniature pinschers. They are very fragile, so I only got to meet them through my crate and theirs, but they seeemed like nice girls, so I didn’t bark at them. But I’m the one who got to spend all day with the people and got lots of little pieces of turkey!

Everyone thought I was very cute and very well behaved.

Saturday and Sunday we went to see mom’s family. There were lots and lots of people there! I also got to meet Reesey, a baby Yorkie! She was very little, so I couldn’t play with her either. So I tried to play with my cousin Tucker, but he never likes to play with me. I was so good on Saturday that mom and dad let me sleep in my bed instead of my crate in the same room as them! I continued being good and didn’t get up to pee or anything. Mom’s hoping that she can convince dad to let me start sleeping out of my crate more often, but wants me in their room so that she can keep an eye on me… He’s not going for it so far.

But the big news for me this weekend was that the National Dog Show realized just how good looking we Scotties are! Congrats to Sadie, Best in Show at the National Dog Show! Her real name is Mercedes… named after another fancy car, just like me!


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