Mom’s been hogging the computer…

I guess my mom is really busy right now with work. She’s so busy that she even needs two computers! And that leaves no computers for me. But Josh has been very nice to me and has done lots of fun things to keep me busy! We play fetch, go for walks and he even got this big yellow thing to chase me around with!

I bark at it a lot, but it still keeps chasing me and making loud noises!

Mom still makes lots of time for me though too. On Sunday afternoon we went to visit Josh’s mom and I finally got to play with her dog, Nala!

Nala is an old lady, so Josh’s mom wasn’t too sure if she would be grumpy with me, but we did just fine! We didn’t really play together, but… that’s ok too.

We’re getting ready for the holiday’s at our house. For Thanksgiving I get to see Leah! I love going to her house… she spoils me a lot! And then we get to go to mom’s family after Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to see my favorite little girl, Gracie! Plus mom said there will be lots of other people there to spoil me and pet me.

Mom is also making Christmas gifts for all of our doggie family. Here I am wearing my newest collar.

And here is the one she made for my doggie cousin Cyrus.

I’m sure that he will chew it up right away, because that’s what he does to everything, even Josh’s mom’s screen door! Doesn’t he know that good doggies get more treats!?


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