A very long week…

Wednesday night was very sad for Sarah and Josh. CJ, my bunny brother got very sick and died on Thursday morning. I tried to be very good because I could tell Sarah wasn’t feeling very happy. She said that she’s very glad that she has me to keep her busy.

Saturday we went to Josh’s dad’s house. Sarah and Josh helped work on the big boat in the rain. I do not like the rain, so Leah let me stay inside with her. Sarah came in to help put a table and chairs together for Leah and it was nice to just lay on the floor next to her while they worked.

Leah had to run some errands, so we went with her. I wore my seatbelt leash and Sarah stayed in the car with me. I love riding in the car! There were so many people in the parking lot that I could bark at! We got home very, very late that night.


This is me in Leah’s living room while everyone was getting ready for dinner.

Sunday was a good day too. I got to go to the dog park again! There were lots more dogs there this time and I had a good time making new friends. There were a couple of dogs that I didn’t like very much, but it is a big dog park, so we just stayed away from them and played with the ones I did like.

On our way home we stopped to get pumpkins! Sarah said that she’s going to make hers look just like me! I don’t quite understand how since that pumpkin is pretty round and orange and I am not.

When we got home, I had to get a bath. Josh said that I was very stinky. So Sarah gave me a bath with the baking soda and vinegar again… and then brushed me. I hate being brushed right after a bath. Doesn’t she know that standing still in the bathtub means that I want to run around after? But now I smell good and look nice and Josh was very happy with me


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