We spent the weekend at Sarah’s parents’ cabin in the middle of no where. It was a really long car ride and we left early in the morning. I was very good on the ride up and slept most of the way. But when we got to the dirt road for the last few miles, Sarah let me ride in her lap so that I could see out the windows.


Pretending I’m a hunter… see my orange?



Alexis and I played fetch with the biggest stick I’ve ever seen!


This is my new friend, Buddy. He wasn’t too sure of me at first, but I followed him around like a little black shadow anyway and he decided that I wasn’t too bad. But he didn’t really want to play… 6931_1236002933068_1019051350_30752669_7315417_n

My cousin Tucker didn’t want to play either. He was scared of me! But after a while he calmed down enough that we were ok in the same room.


This is just a nice picture of me and my mom and dad.

On Sunday we had to leave after breakfast so that we could take care of the boat. Sarah was too busy to take many pictures at the lake, because we had to hurry so that we could see the place we’re going to stay when my mom and dad get married in the summer! It’s really pretty and I can’t wait!


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