I had a Visitor! And a Haircut!

This past week was very busy for me! Sarah was home from work for several days, which meant that I didn’t have to stay in my crate all day! Instead I could hang out with her on the couch! Friday was not a day for hanging out at home though. I went to a new place for a haircut! This new place was really nice and they made me look super handsome, see?


I looked sharp for Saturday when I got a visit from my favorite six-year old, Gracie! She is Sarah’s niece and she came to play with me. We went to a big park so that we could take a really long walk. I was so tired when I got back!



Sarah says that I will get to see Gracie next Saturday too and I will also get to go to the lake for the first time! We won’t be going on the boat because it is too cold, but we are still going to take my life vest and go see the water! I’m so excited!


One thought on “I had a Visitor! And a Haircut!

  1. Boots says:

    That’s a great hair cut! And Gracie seems like a great friend for taking you on a walk. Did you get to sniff lots of fun things?

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