I Made a Doggie Friend!

Maybe I do like other dogs! Last night Josh was outside playing fetch with me when a lady he knew stopped by to talk to him. She had her dog with her too. He’s a West Highland Terrier named Duncan.

Duncan is a very nice dog and while I was very excited to see him, he let me sniff him until I knew he was an alright dog. Then we played! It was a lot of fun to roll around in the grass with a buddy for once. It was really dark so Sarah couldn’t get any pictures but she said we looked like a Black & White Whiskey label.  Black+&+White+Whiskey

She showed me this picture today, and I agree. We are all handsome dogs!

Today we wanted to go for a walk as a family at a park near our house. But the second we stepped out the door, it started to rain. Sarah said we should go anyway, that it might stop raining. We only got to walk around for 5 minutes before it was too wet to walk anymore. She took this cute picture of me on our way home.


I wanted to see where we were going! We’re going to try going back tomorrow to walk some more. Instead of walking today, we came home and took a family nap. And that was pretty nice too.


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