I’m getting trained!

For the last time this summer I went to the kennel for 2 days while Sarah and Josh went on the boat. You might think that this is unfair, but I do not like swimming, so I do not mind not going on the boat. I got to lay around and run outside whenever I wanted. But I was still very happy to see Sarah when she came to get me. I know that she could tell because my tail was wagging and when we got in the car I rode with my head in her lap.

But when she picked me up, we didn’t go straight home. Instead we went back to the SPCA where they got me to meet with Deb Sangrey, a trainer. Sarah wants me to play nicely with other dogs, or at least, be able to walk past them, and I do too. There were lots of other dogs at the training session but Deb showed Sarah how to help me focus on my walk instead of the other dogs. It was so hard! But we’re going to keep working on it and Deb said that we should join her obedience class because she thinks I’ll improve very quickly. Well, of course, I’m a smart dog!


One thought on “I’m getting trained!

  1. I used to not be very comfortable around other dogs and Mom and my good friend Sylvie the trainer helped me! Now I love other dogs and if I get uncomfortable Mom comes and gets me.
    Good Luck!
    Hugs and tail wags,

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