Learning to walk like a gentleman

Tomorrow Sarah is taking me on a trip to her mom and dad’s house. It’s two hours away, and we will be staying there overnight. I’ll even get to meet Emily’s dog Tucker! Of course, with how I have handled other dogs in the past, Sarah’s not too sure how things will go, but I will be on my best behavior and Emily is going to help me learn to like other dogs.

I’m also going to meet Sarah’s grandparents. She warned me that they like really good dogs so I had better behave! In preparation for our trip Sarah took me to PetSmart to get a new harness! I love getting new things! And having to take a car ride to get it is even better! She got it in blue to make sure it matched my collar and leash.


We’ve started taking all of our walks with my harness on and I walk like a gentleman! No pulling! When I’m walking nicely, so many people comment on how nice I look! I love the attention!

This weekend Sarah also made me my very own fleece blanket. She and Josh have one for the couch and when I cuddled up with Sarah the other day, I really liked it. Here is a picture of me and my new blanket!0821091910aSometimes it’s really hard to see my face, isn’t it? I love my new blanket though and lay on it a lot.

Yesterday I got a big package in the mail with lots of different food and treat samples. I have been itching and licking my paws a lot so Sarah is trying out new foods for me that don’t have any grain in them. More meat for me! I love treats…


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