Meeting the family

Well, I have finally met all of my family members! Sarah’s parents were the first to meet me. They came to visit in the middle of July and to go to a Jeep show with Sarah and Josh. I got to spend some time with them on the back patio while Sarah and Josh got ready for the show. Sarah’s dad enjoyed petting me and held my leash. Sarah’s mom said something about me being cute, but smaller than she’s used to seeing dogs. What is she talking about? I’m a big dog!

Sarah’s niece came to stay with them a few days shortly after I came home. She was very nice and was very good at playing fetch with me! I got to meet her mom and the rest of Sarah’s sisters (and a lot more family memebers!) when Sarah and Josh took Gracie to their family reunion. Emily is a vet tech and she checked me out to make sure that I was healthy for Sarah and Josh. I can already tell that she loves me a lot.

Josh’s brother only met me briefly one night when he came to go out on the jet ski. Since we already know that I don’t swim, I didn’t go. He has a new dog named Cyrus who I have to admit is bigger than I am. His legs are really long! I haven’t met him yet since we’re still working on me being nice with other dogs.

Josh’s mom, step-dad and sister came to see me too and then I went to their house. They have a big backyard with a fence and they let me run around without a leash on! It was so much fun! Nala, their lab, and I didn’t get along too well. She’s a grouchy old lady most of the time!

Last night Josh’s dad and step-mom came to meet me. Leah is my new favorite person! She played fetch with me, walked me on my leash and even gave me some of her ice cream after I ate all mine! Yep, after dinner we went for a car ride to Bruster’s where they give every dog a special ice cream treat with a bone in it! Sarah didn’t have her camera to take a picture, but she promised to next time.

Here’s a picture of me walking with Leah. Even though she was very nice, I made her stop every time we got too far away from Sarah! 0820091942

Next week I get to spend two whole days with Sarah’s family when she and I go to visit. Josh has to stay home and work, but Sarah said that Emily is going to teach her to cut my hair so that I don’t have to go to the groomer since I didn’t like it very much. I think I’ll like it better at my own house.


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