What Josh doesn’t know…

Sarah stayed home sick on Friday with a headache. I was sad that she didn’t feel well, but also a little happy because it meant that she got to be with me all day! She spent most of the day on the couch, and shhh, don’t tell Josh, but she let me come up there with her! We took a nap, and I laid across her chest while she held me. I love getting hugged.

She also let me wear my green polo shirt! Josh thinks it’s silly for dogs to wear clothes, but I like my shirt. I look handsome in it. See? 08140909190814091141It was so comfy, I even slept in it!

When Josh got home, he didn’t know that I had already been spoiled all day long, and he gave me the best treat ever – a piece of bacon! Good days don’t get any better than that!


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