Learning to keep my head above water

Sarah and Josh love the water. They have a boat and a jet ski and spend a lot of time at rivers and lakes. So when I overheard Sarah tell Josh that I couldn’t swim, I could have laughed at his reaction. (If I could laugh.) He couldn’t believe that out of all the dogs in the world, she picked a breed that couldn’t swim. Hey, it’s not my fault my legs are so short on my body! But Sarah had a plan – she bought me a life jacket!

0811091709aIt looks pretty good doesn’t it? And it will probably stay looking goof for a long time. Because although I don’t mind wearing it, there’s no way I’m going in the water willingly! Sarah and Josh took me to the river last night to test it out, but I didn’t want to get in that yucky water! So Sarah picked me up and carried me in! Couldn’t she tell I didn’t want to go!?

I swam back to shore as fast as my little legs could carry me. Sarah and Josh laughed as I shook myself off. And I headed for the car. I was done. But Sarah wasn’t. She picked me up again and took me back to the water! This time I think she learned her lesson though. She didn’t make me go in a third time. Josh said it looked like she traumatized me!

But once she dried me off, she let me ride home on her lap and look out the window, so, I guess I can forgive her.


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