Before and After

Before Sarah and Josh took me home, I hadn’t had a bath or a hair cut in a really long time. In fact, Josh wasn’t sure he liked me much when I first got home because I made everything smell. And since I had just had surgery, my stitches couldn’t get wet for at least a week.0703091052a

Sarah got me some waterless shampoo and wipes and a spray, but they didn’t really help much. I felt really bad because I wanted them to like me and it wasn’t my fault no one loved me enough to give me a bath before. Sarah understood this and did all she could to help the smell. And the day that I was allowed to have a bath she took me to a groomer for a bath, hair cut and nail trim.


Don’t I look like a whole new dog?! It felt so good to have all of that extra hair gone, especially for the summer! Things are much better now that I’m a well kept dog. I even like it when Sarah brushes me. When I’m all done, I cuddle up with her and she pets me for as long as I want.


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