My first blog post


Hi, I’m Bentley! I’m pretty new to the world of computers, but seeing as my man Josh is really into computers, I think I’m in good hands. A little over a month ago, I didn’t know what was going on. My family took me to this building with lots of other dogs and cats, handed my leash over to a lady, and then I never saw them again. Pretty scary.

A couple days later, Sarah and Josh came to visit me. We went outside to a fenced in area for them to meet me but I was pretty preoccupied looking for my old family. Sarah and Josh were really nice though, and Sarah spent time petting me and then even took me for a walk. When we came back in Sarah told a lady behind a high desk that she wanted to adopt me. We sat down for a little bit and I really liked Sarah, so I sat right next to her. Lots of people said I was really cute and asked if I was her dog, and she said yes!

I had to stay at that place for a couple more days and what they did, well, I don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say that I’m not quite the man I used to be.

When Sarah came back to pick me up, she had a crate and lots of toys and a new collar and leash for me. I really smelled and needed a haircut, but since I had just had surgery I couldn’t have a bath for a week.

Our first week was rough. There were a lot of new things for us all to get used to. But Sarah and Josh taught me the rules of my new home and I got lots of love.

Things are going much better now that I have been home for a month and I have learned that Sarah and Josh are my real family and they love me very much.

I look forward to telling you about my adventures and making some friends on the internet!


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